Novus Zip

Novus Zip

Novus Zip is the very latest in ZIP file technology
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Novus Zip is the very latest in ZIP file technology. An easy to use interface, integration with Windows and comprehensive features make this a powerful and intuitive application. Whether you want to open ZIP files, extract compressed folders or ZIP up your own data, this useful tool has exactly what you're looking for.

Main features:

- Ease of Use - Whether opening archives or creating them, you won't have a moment's doubt about how to use this software. Novus Zip has an elegant and easy-to-use graphical interface allowing users to complete their tasks in a snap.
- Windows Integration - Novus Zip is well integrated with Windows and will let you right-click on a file to perform a variety of zip functions.
- Password Protection - Increase security through password protected zip files.
- Compatibility - The Novus Zip format is industry compatible and able to be opened by other zip tools.
- Self Extracting Files - Novus Zip creates zip files with the extractor program included. Users without zip tools can quickly and easily open self extracting files.
- View and Edit Image Files - Novus Zip allows users to view, edit and zip images. Compatible with common image formats.

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