DipTrace 2.0 beta

Professional-grade software for designing printed circuit boards
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DipTrace is professional-grade software for designing printed circuit boards. However, its interface is very user-friendly, and with the help of a pattern editor, you can create part footprints without any difficulty. The program's PCB layout offers practical manual routing tools, and with its component editor, you can draw parts and create components.

When I was testing this program, it reminded me the hours I spent drawing PCB manually as a hobby. You will be surprised how effortless it makes everything. You can export plots to PCB or Spice, and also perform schematic capture. After converting a schematic to the PCB layout, you can easily arrange components and arrange the board outline. You can also choose a “placement by list” method, which can be used for auto-placement of chips/connectors and other components.

When you want to design a schematic, you simply choose the corresponding components and copy them to your work document, and by using the bus tool and the wire tool you will be able to connect them. DipTrace also has an automatic router, based on an advanced grid, which will allow you to route different boards, with one layer or multiple layers.

DipTrace is sold in 5 different versions with a price range of $75-$695.

Luis Sanchez
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