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DavePC000 Still working great

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Guest #18141514

Guest #18141514 very good to know when a virus

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Kenneth Corcoran

Kenneth Corcoran Fantastic security.

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Teressa Newman Gunter

Teressa Newman Gunter This is by far the best all around security.

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Guest the best 'GUARDIAN' I've been ever using!!

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Guest wonderful program

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Guest It is the best antivirus i have ever tried!!

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Guest super

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Guest Having a few bugs with Windows 7

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5150 The newest Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security are awful.
Although they might still provide great security, the sheer number of false positives that pop up from Insight and Sonar make you want to smash something.

The Norton 360 V3 I used with Vista didn't have these issues, this is all new.

Irsetup is not Malware Symantec - it's an installer made by Indigo Rose that's been flagged as an F/P by you - MalwareBytes and a few other companies.

It would take Symantec alot to look as bad as McAfeeble, but with results like this, they are headed that direction.

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alfredo garcia

alfredo garcia great

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David Norton 360 is being a bit sneaky when they say that you have "free" online back-up. he truth of the matter is that,depending on hw much you back-up, after the first "save" yo (conveniently for Norton) run out of capaity. Then, you are not allowed to elete your first back-up and rplace it with another. Instead you keep getting the message that you have n more space and need to BUY more space! Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky... This appears to me to be deliberate dishonesy, or at least a "Clinton-like" quibbling with the precise meaning of words. SNEAKY which indicates to me that Norton cannot be trusted. Program itself is otherwise fine

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Guest You may like the "FREE" programs but none of them will tell you when an intruder is lurking or a website is questionable....but NORTON will and does. You must be using it wrong because it ALWAYS finds and deletes many cookies on my machine even AFTER I have run several other programs first that say they deleted them. Norton has saved me numerous times from the places my grandchildren go to. All I can say is I am VERY happy with Norton 360

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DARREN BROUGH i've got norton 360 and if im truly honest..the only thing it ever finds is 1 or 2 cookies.. never once has it found a trojan. now personally next time i will NOT be getting 360 as the free ones like avg and superantispyware and spyware doctor are much better and above all..FREE

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Bob It complains to much like weak passwords you haven't scanned in 2 days your pc needs defragmented etc.

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