Mz Ram Booster

Mz Ram Booster

Mz Ram Booster is designed to optimize the usage of your RAM memory for free!
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Mz Ram Booster is a small but powerful application designed to optimize the usage of your RAM memory, being this an important key to run faster programs and processes on your PC. It is not necessary to have an experienced and advanced knowledge to free memory and get a better performance of your system, but with Mz Ram Booster you will be able to experiment with your RAM memory as an advanced user. Anyways, general adjustments and a better performance of your PC can be easily accomplished just pressing a button.

Some of advanced features Mz Ram Booster will let you to manage of your RAM memory are:
- Optimize your RAM memory on Windows startup
- Clear RAM memory when CPU usage is lower than any percentage placed by you.
- You can set the time Mz Ram Booster has to wait killing an application or service.
- You can set CPU Priority control deciding if foreground or background applications will have the same response time, or which of them will be more responsive.

Taking care of your PC and making it faster without installing a new hardware has been possible since a long time ago. There are a lot of programs to help you in this important task, but Mz Ram Booster definitely is one of the best. With a very easy to use tabbed interface, this application could be managed by either novice and advanced users, getting an excellent result.

Mz Ram Booster is a worthy application I recommend it to test, and I assure you will be able to get a better performance of your RAM memory easily, and the best, for free!

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Very easy to use interface for both, novice and advanced users


  • There's no help file
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