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It's a music player that can also help you organize your music collection
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Since I've always been an avid music lover and enjoyed listening to music at all time, audio players are very important tools to me. Therefore, I am quite picky when choosing such a music application, since I care not only for easiness of use, but also for specific extra features and for the provided sound quality. Two of them were my final choices, and I use them both alternatively. Since MusicBee is one of them (foobar2000 is the other, for those who are curious), you can imagine that I was only thrilled to be able to recommend it here too.

There are many things about MusicBee that I like. One of them is the fact that it comes with extensive features and functions concerning sorting and organizing your music files. Since I've always liked to keep my music collection tidied up and in perfect order, MusicBee's organizing functions are of undeniable appeal to me. It also includes a rather simple yet very handy tag editor that allows the users to manage the metadata of their music files with ease. It can also fetch music data automatically from various online sources. Simply put, your music collection will always look great if you use MusicBee, as it's just as capable as a music organizer as it is as a music player. In fact, it also helps you enlarge your collection. One of the features I like most about this tool is the fact that it supports browsing the famous SoundCloud music streaming service and playing or downloading songs right from it. This way, you can enhance your music collection by adding the newest tracks from SoundCloud in a really simple and convenient way.

MusicBee comes with many cool additional features, like a file format converter (so it's pretty much an audio converter too), extensive playlist management options that let you turn this tool into a jukebox perfect for parties, support for playing podcasts and online radio streams, the aforementioned tag editor, a highly customizable interface that supports skins and offers numerous visualization options, fully customizable hotkeys, support for displaying album covers and lyrics, or a built-in audio CD ripper, only to count a few.

Despite being incredibly powerful and feature rich, MusicBee is easy to handle and straightforward. It's a great tool that I personally like a lot, and it also comes with an unbeatable price: it's complete free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Skinnable, highly-customizable interface.
  • Free.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Built-in tag editor.
  • Includes a file converter.
  • Can play and download tracks from SoundCloud.
  • Extensive music collection organizing capabilities.
  • Great sound quality


  • Stops the playback and restarts completely when changing its interface skin.
  • The equalizer failed to be displayed occasionally
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