MultiLex Classic English-Russian

MultiLex Classic English-Russian

A Classic edition of an English-Russian dictionaries and translation library
6.4 (See all)

The MultiLex Classic English-Russian 6.4 electronic dictionary features 5 million translations of general and specialized vocabulary and provides you with 21 English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries. The program helps you to improve your pronunciation of foreign words by providing you with audio examples and transcriptions, indicating stress, and its Windows' style interface includes a search box where any text entered can also be audibly pronounced for you, if you wish. You can also use the search box to retrieve any grammatical forms for a word or examples of usage. The interface provides you with options to set its windows to the size and shape you prefer, change fonts, the interface language, and to show or hide transcriptions.

Additionally, you can install your program on to your PC, pocket computer, mobile phone, and many popular systems allowing you to take your dictionaries for translation wherever you need them for study or work. The program also features an integrated morphological module, which determines expressions and gives you the ability to translate e-mails, documents, and web pages, quickly. Also featured, is an option to create your own personal dictionary and custom bookmarks where you can create your own lists of foreign words with the help of custom tabs. With 10,000 sounding words, the Classic edition of the MiltiLex English-Russian dictionary will provide you with a valuable translation assistant. This electronic dictionary is also available in a smaller, Compact edition, and a larger Deluxe edition, with the same functionality.

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  • Can be installed on many devices


  • Links in English lead to untranslated pages
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