Mozy Restore Manager

Mozy Restore Manager

Restoring your files has never been easier with Mozy Restore Manager
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Restoring your files has never been easier with Mozy Restore Manager.
Mozy now offers the assistance of a restore manager to help you consolidate and transfer files from Mozy to your computer. Stream the files directly to your computer, with no need to wait for files to be packaged and archived.

Lose your whole computer? Now you can download all of your files with just one click. You can also receive emails and alerts from Mozy when restore requests are ready for download.

Benefit from an expanded help and FAQ section. Receive answers to your questions while you’re in the middle of your restore experience.
Quickly browse and search files with ease in an improved user interface, or view your files in folder format or by file type category. You can even view your file system from a previous date.

Now you can view files quicker and retrieve them faster than ever before. Easily identify which photos you want to restore by viewing thumbnail previews of photo files.
Monitor the progress of the entire restore and download files as soon as they are available, even if the full restore isn’t ready.

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