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Wisdom-soft MotionGIF

MotionGIF is a program to create animated GIF files and publish them on the Web
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MotionGIF is a program for creating animated GIF files and publishing them on the Web. It will allow you to create animated files from images, drawings, and text.
I would not say that the program's interface is very attractive and intuitive. It is not easy enough for newbies, they will need to spend little time to understand what is what. Still, after looking through the samples the program offers, and after a couple of attempts to create several simple animated files by themselves, they will have no problems in further use of the application.

The creation process in fact is rather simple: you will be able to create animated GIF file from several frames, the settings of each frame can be easily adjusted. You are enabled to adjust the frame size, frame's background color, the transparent color of the GIF, the period of time the frame is displayed, and the number of repeats of all the frames. The speed and effect of frame transition is also adjustable and may be previewed. After the GIF is created you are allowed to preview it within the program's interface as well as in your browser.

The program is available for evaluation. While testing the program you will be able to create GIFs of three frames only, which, I suppose, is enough to understand whether you like MotionGIF or not.

Andrew Do
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  • Good for beginners.
  • Compatible with Vista and 7


  • Not free.
  • Not enough for professionals
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