The Moodstats tool enables you to quickly record & rate how your day has been
9.0.0 (See all)

Moodstats is an application that allows you to quickly record & rate how your day has been in six different categories. You can also attach comments to these values to further illustrate why your moods are the way they are.

After you've entered at least three days of data into the program, Moodstats springs into action and begins to generate multi-colored graphs & statistics showing you exactly how your moods have been over the last week, month, two months, six months or year.

Try to think of it as a personal diary or journal, with an added bonus of being able to synchronize your data with the global Moodstats server (and thereby invite others to see how your moods have been).

You can also pull down data from other Moodstats users and compare yourself with the mood of your friends, lovers or complete strangers. It's a voyeur's dream come true!

Other extra-bonus features include a handy printing function so you can document your emotional ups & downs to your shrink, keyboard shortcuts for faster usage, a built-in diary and a slew of customization options.

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