Mobipocket Reader for PC

Mobipocket Reader for PC

Welcome to the easiest way to build,organize and read your entire eBook library
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Mobipocket Reader for PC is a great program that will keep your books and pieces of information organized and up to date.
Mobipocket Reader for PC can get information from the net through eNews. eNews are pieces of information marked in the net as rss feeds. This rss feeds are formatted and shown in a proper way by Mobipocket Reader for PC. In addition to eNews Mobipocket Reader for PC can also retrieve electronic books from the net. The main source of e-books available for Mobipocket Reader for PC is In this page thereĀ“s a virtual library which keeps thousands of books in electronic format available for purchase. Once a book is purchased you are able to download it from the webpage and read it on any platform in which mobipocket can be run.
The great advantage of Mobipocket Reader for PC over many other ebook readers is that it's multi-platform. Being multi-platform is really useful as I can start reading a book on my PC and sync it with my Pocket PC so as to keep on reading on the subway or when I'm on holidays and far from my desktop computer.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Multi-platform
  • Works with enews, rss and ebooks
  • Easy sync with Pocket PCs.


  • Ebooks are a bit expensive
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