Ministry Assistant

Ministry Assistant

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Managing all the affairs of a church or a religious organization is a difficult task due to the huge amount of events and people involved. Thus, a program that can help us to do so easily will always be welcome.

Ministry Assistant is one of such programs. It has a simple and intuitive interface that lets you have all your relevant information at a glance. You only need to click on the corresponding button of the right panel to retrieve the data you need or to add new information to different databases. The information is divided into different areas such as People, Pastoral care, Contributions, Meetings and so on. Each of these areas lets you enter relevant information such as attendees, instructor(s), donors, telephone/e-mail/postal address, and more. You can edit such information and/or add new data at any time. The program can also generate reports on any of the different areas. You can print those reports or view them from the interface of the program.

The application is fully compatible with MS Office's applications; thus, you can use your Outlook address book to send church-related e-mails to people, and use MS Word to create letters to the members of the church, among other things.

The shareware version of the program lets you use all its features during a 30-day period, after which some features will be disabled. If you keep using the program, the printing capabilities will be disabled altogether.

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