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Microsoft Office Word is a program that allows you to create documents
Guest #42259506  — 10 months ago
Microsoft Office Word is good.
Sonya Devis  — 2 years ago
Very useful. One of few reasons to stick up with Windows.
Rajkumar  — 4 years ago
Guest  — 5 years ago
love it
eugene  — 5 years ago
because i like it
ganon11000  — 5 years ago
works ok but 2003 and 2007 editions are better
ahmed abd elbagie  — 5 years ago
very good
Guest  — 5 years ago
ms word is my favorite software in document writing..... it is easy to use and having understandable command and beautiful appearance..........
Joban Dosanjh  — 5 years ago
Easy To Work.
Shohom  — 5 years ago
Aleksandar Dragičević  — 5 years ago
I like it
Hifzu  — 5 years ago
it's good
Guest  — 6 years ago
has many options
Alan  — 6 years ago
Use it everyday great software
Girijesh prajapati  — 6 years ago
Like it all option and more facility are given to use very easily
Ron  — 6 years ago
It's so sluggish that it takes several seconds for the screen to catch up.
Sayan Roy  — 5 years ago
This is awesome software..
Guest  — 6 years ago
Very easy
dergiu  — 5 years ago
Guest  — 6 years ago
Guest  — 6 years ago
very good
Guest  — 6 years ago
It is the best word processing program! (in my opinion!)
allman  — 6 years ago
too complicated
Guest  — 6 years ago
i think it is very useful for my office work
Guest  — 6 years ago
Good and you can write without a pencil
Guest #8708415  — 6 years ago
good one
Guest  — 6 years ago
The best one i can deal with
zeynel  — 6 years ago
Very nice program
Sadun Lakmal  — 6 years ago
Easy to use
Shinichi Kudo  — 6 years ago
Excellent software
Guest  — 6 years ago
I just windows office packages likes EXCEL, WORD just keeps getting better and easier to use with these brilliant wizard installed now.
MD. RUHUL AMIN  — 6 years ago
Best software
samsam27  — 6 years ago
Guest  — 6 years ago
It's amazing if you have the up to date version with so many user friendly settings
prathamesh  — 6 years ago
It is very good
João Severino  — 6 years ago
Essential stuff
sandeep  — 7 years ago
It is good
bilaal  — 7 years ago
it is good
hasan0077  — 7 years ago
Sebastian  — 7 years ago
Guest  — 7 years ago
New feature incorporated
BigBouncingBob  — 7 years ago
Very limited & clunky, as well as not free. I suggest Open, fast, & open to all formats.
Rickrack17  — 7 years ago
Excellent program
David Lin  — 7 years ago
Guest  — 7 years ago
it is the best software
Sundaram  — 6 years ago
Guest  — 7 years ago
very good software
Guest  — 7 years ago
Awesome Utility
Fernando César  — 7 years ago
Best in business.
Guest  — 7 years ago
helpful program
Guest  — 7 years ago
cause i really like it all
Guest  — 7 years ago
Doesn t support Open Office documents
David  — 7 years ago
The best word processor yet
Tarvo  — 7 years ago
best text editor
Guest  — 7 years ago
it is the most great thing u could ever invent
amado  — 7 years ago
that is popular and easy to use
jontycampbell  — 7 years ago
easy to use, stable, but spellcheck language is hard to get it off US English to stay on British English.
Emil Olandria  — 7 years ago
Guest  — 7 years ago
great program
SyNtEr  — 7 years ago
Guest  — 7 years ago
user friendly
Vernon Guillory  — 7 years ago
Very much overcharged and constant updates for this MS problem or another, I can get the MS Works and they are much better if you need MS.
Tanchik  — 7 years ago
very-very useful
Michael  — 7 years ago
i love it
Guest  — 7 years ago
A good programm
Guest  — 6 years ago
A very good program
Sneetsher  — 7 years ago
No ODF compatibility
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