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Easily tag MP4 movies by retrieving information over the Internet
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MetaX is a meta-data tagger for MP4 files as well as QuickTime movie files. It uses Amazon, tagChimp, IMDB and Yahoo to get the metadata information to write the tags. It allows defining a set of tags that will be used repeatedly such as for TV shows.

Its interface is simple, it consists of a single window. On the top users will find the menu toolbar from where files can be added, removed, tagged, etc. On the middle left there is the Search box to search for the movie by title. After performing a search, multiple titles and information will appear. In the center users can browse the selected information: Title, Artists, Date, Description, etc. to then be written to the file. In addition, MetaX has the ability to sort and tag the chapters on a movie.

MetaX makes the tagging job easy since it automatically stores the data that has been written before; plus the information can be exported to share tags easily. More so, it has something called “Poster Browser”; it searches the Internet for related movie posters which are used on Apple TV and iTunes.

MetaX also includes the “Frame Grabber” functionality which enables the user to select a frame from the video being tagged to serve as the poster.

And if all of the previous operations aren’t enough to get the movie information, it also has a “Barcode Scanner” which works by reading the barcode from an original DVD and searching the information of the movie on the Internet.

MetaX is very helpful to tag MP4 and M4V files.

Max Santillana
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  • Stores previous tags.
  • Finds movie posters.
  • Exports tags.
  • Tags chapters


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