McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection 10.0

Antivirus tool combined with many threat-protection and threat-detection tools
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“Prevention is better than cure”, as the proverb says, which is true for everyone in almost every situation. When your computer gets infected, it affects all your data, your work, and your valuable time. Considering all this, you have to agree that you need to protect your computer from the latest threats.

Virus infection can reach your system through online access, or through files stored in any kind of removable media. Nevertheless, McAfee Total Protection can protect your computer in many ways. This new release has undergone tremendous changes, and offers you a new interface. It provides you with an executive summary with all the details about your system’s health.

Real-Time scanning gives you a very good level of protection for your memory and cleans up any malicious software. The firewall controls both inbound and outbound traffic, and it notifies you whenever any unknown program tries to connect to the Internet. Besides, you can effectively block unwanted ports in your computer from being accessed through the network. The firewall logs all attacks detected, even those not notified.

Finally, Home Network Map gives you a nice overview of all the Internet connections in your network and everything that stays connected. You can easily mark as a friend or intruder any listed program. As a bonus, its Parental control gives you useful tools to control any user’s access. In conclusion, McAfee provides you with almost Total Protection for your computer.

Sundaram Ramanujam
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  • My Network Map available.
  • Shredder included.
  • Performs online backups


  • Parental control system requires improvement.
  • No notifications from Attack Detection
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