McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator is the most advanced security management software
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McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) is widely acknowledged as the most advanced and scalable security management software in the industry. With ePO software, organizations of all sizes can efficiently manage any number of devices — all from a personalized web console.
As a key component of the McAfee Security Management Platform, ePO software manages security across endpoints, networks, and data; integrates third-party solutions; and automates workflows to create efficiencies, streamline compliance, and provide visibility into security and compliance postures.

Only McAfee ePO delivers:

End-to-end visibility — Get a unified view of your security posture. A single point of reference for security data across endpoints, data, and networks provides immediate insight and shortens response times.

An open, extensible architecture — Easily leverage your existing IT infrastructure. McAfee ePO software connects management of both McAfee and third-party security solutions to your LDAP, IT operations, and configuration management tools.

Proven efficiencies — Respond quickly and spend less. Independent studies show ePO software helps organizations of every size streamline administrative tasks, ease audit fatigue, and reduce security management-related hardware costs.

Main features:

- Strengthen protection
- Accelerate response times.
- Gain efficiencies
Future-proof your security architecture

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