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MaxiGet Software Manager offers you a custom version of the Softonic website for you to discover, search, and access a wide variety of applications and software programs, including the newest additions and the latest versions of well-known tools. You can then download and install the programs you were looking for with the assurance that they contain no viruses, spyware, or any other threats.

This software management tool is nothing but a reduced version of the Softonic software guide, thus offering limited functionality as compared to the full website. When you launch MaxiGet Software Manager it simply opens a barebones window with two buttons – one to “Find Software” and another one to “Uninstall Software”. None of these buttons will take you to a new piece of software developed by Maxiget, but to two already existing services – a custom version of the Softonic webpage, and your Windows Uninstall Program feature at the Control Panel.

This reduced version of Softonic’s webpage has been customized to allow you only to search for software tools and to show only those apps and programs that run on Windows. The Games, News, Features, Answers, and Videos sections have been removed, as well as the possibility of choosing a different language or another operating system. Stripped off from the many functions available at the Softonic site, this limited search and discovery tool offers little incentive.

The “Uninstall Software” option is even more discouraging. I admit I thought that it might open a full-featured uninstaller that would help you get rid of software tools that decided long ago to stay on your computer forever, and that cannot be uninstalled using any of the standard methods. As said, it simply opens your Windows uninstaller, an action that you can easily perform by simply opening your Control Panel.

One way or another, MaxiGet Download Manager fails to offer a piece of functionality that you cannot access without installing a new application on your computer. There is nothing new in this program that justifies adding a new app to your programs list, unless you feel more confident when looking for your software tools in a limited – thus, simpler – version of the Softonic site than in the real thing.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple and straightforward utility.
  • Easy to operate for all types of users


  • It is but a limited version of the Softonic website.
  • The "Uninstall Software" option is but a link to that feature within the Windows Control Panel
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