LockHunter is a program that allows you to delete blocked files
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Many of us have experienced the annoying moment of being unable to delete or move a file on Windows because the file is “locked” by an unknown process. For such unwanted cases, tools like LockHunter have been created. LockHunter is a simple and free file unlocker that have been especially developed to let you get rid of those annoying messages that announce you that you can’t move or delete a file because of various reasons.

Using it is very simple. LockHunter adds an entry to the right-click context menu of all files in Windows Explorer. If you notice that a file is locked by an unknown process and you cannot move it or delete it, then you may select the “What is locking this file?” entry from that file’s context menu. Then, this simple tool intelligently scans what processes block a file and displays them if any are found. Then it lets you terminate the connection between the detected processes and the selected file, allowing the deletion or moving of that file. Direct file deletion is also possible, next to unlocking, copying or renaming files. The locking process can be terminated directly, but it also supports more intricate actions such as unloading DLLs from processes. Though it may sound a bit complicated, operating LockHunter is an easy task that can be performed even by beginners.

LockHunter is also suitable for fighting against malware, as it’s a known fact that Trojans and spyware will often lock various files and prevent their deletion.

To sum it all up, LockHunter is a nice freeware that offers a reliable method of solving the problem of locked files that cannot be deleted or moved.

Margie Smeer
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