Kural Tamil Software

Kural Tamil Software

It helps you to input Tamil directly in all Microsoft Windows applications
3.7  (28 votes)

Trying to write texts in certain languages like Russian, Arabic, Japanese etc can be hassle, as they require tools which allow you to use special characters. Kural Tamil Software is one of these applications that let you spell in Tamil.

There are a lot of useful features that Kural Tamil Software brings to the table. You can use an on-screen keyboard to write using the specific Tamil characters and you will be able to use a spellchecker that the program provides. Moreover, the program allows you to edit or create documents with the help of the embedded word processor.

Being able to compose and send emails directly from the interface of the program is one of the functions which pleasantly surprised me when I tested the application. Another good thing about Kural Tamil Software is the fact that you can customize its interface and adapt it to your own style by selecting the color scheme that you desire.

Summarizing things, Kural Tamil Software is a program, which I recommend to those who want to be able to write in Tamil. It offers a lot of handy functions, so its price, although a bit steep, is worth it.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Allows you to conveniently customize its color scheme.
  • Offers a handy word processor.
  • It helps you write emails directly from its interface.
  • Provides an on screen keyboard.


  • By default, its interface is in Tamil and you have to change it to English.
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