Kjaerhus Audio MPL-1 VST

Kjaerhus Audio MPL-1 VST

Audio MPL-1 is a Master Precision Limiter for producing masters
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The Kjaerhus Audio MPL-1 VST 1.0 is a Master Precision Limiter plug-in software program for musicians and producers of music that enables them to produce masters of high accuracy and quality.
Users benefit from this programs’ ability to allow them to easily make changes to midi files that they are working with by using features such as PDR, a program dependant release function that allows them to increase loudness but minimize pumping. To ensure that high frequency peaks are accurately detected, this plug-in uses an over-sampled peak detecting algorithm resulting in better performances without any overshooting or clipping occurring in the final D/A conversion.

Up to 20 files can be uploaded at the same time, and changes to them can be made in batch, in real time. The Kjaerhus Audio MPL-1 VST 1.0 plug-in supports sampling rates of up to 96 kS/s, has a low usage of system resources, and features VST automation. For output resolution the program offers TPDF-Dithering for 8, 16, and 24 bit resolution. Another important feature is that the program has four stereo meters which show input and output levels as well as compression and RBS-output.

To avoid disturbances in the stereo balance, the Kjaerhus Audio MPL-1 VST 1.0 program uses a new stereo linking technique whereby peaks can be limited on each channel individually whilst longer lasting gain reductions are linked. The Kjaerhus Audio MPL-1 VST 1.0 has a user-friendly interface simulating realistic controls/switches and the program supports Windows 2000/XP, and VST automation.

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