KeyScrambler 3.0

KeyScrambler can encrypt keystrokes in real-time, protecting against keyloggers
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Keyloggers are a serious threat to the security of your sensitive data as they can capture everything you type, including confidential information such as PIN numbers or passwords. One of the best solutions to avoid this kind of threats is using anti-keylogging applications such as KeyScrambler.

KeyScrambler is a neat and lightweight tool that encrypts your keystrokes in real-time, defending everything you type against keyloggers. Though it is very small and resource-friendly, it will encrypt what you type in 29 browsers and more than 170 applications. The commercial Premium edition will also encrypt the typing of the user login credentials in Windows systems and in all of the Windows 8 Store Metro Apps. When you type something in the supported applications, a simple and unobtrusive window will pop up on the screen in order to inform you that the real-time encryption process is actually happening and your data is protected. The program’s options also provide the users with the possibility to disable this window if they find it to be hindering in any way.

In conclusion, as simple as it is, KeyScrambler is also a powerful tool that can effectively protect even against new keylogging malware.

Margie Smeer
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  • Neat, lightweight and resource-friendly.
  • Can be enabled/disabled with a simple hotkey press.
  • Effective against new keylogging malware


  • The free Personal edition supports encrypting only what you type in some browsers
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