Record all what you digit on your keyboard.
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Record all what you digit on your keyboard.
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When you launch the program nothing appears and the program is totaly back ground. If you want to see what you typed press s b k char on your keyboard simultaneusly. The commands are:
1) Type "LOGGER" to see what you typed
2) Type "SAVE LOGGER" to save all you typed on this file: "C:\Programmi\keyboard.log"
3) Type "ERASE LOGGER" to erase all you typed
4) Type "CHANGE EMAIL" to set the email address where you want to receive what you typed
5) Type "SET NUM CHAR" to set the numer of character when the program sends email, for example if you set 100 char, every 100 char the programs sends to your email what you typed
6) Type "PHOTO" to make the screen shot of the monitor of the PC, the file is sent by attached on the email
7) type "CHANGE DIRECTORY" to move the file from a directory to another directory
8) Type "RESET" to reset all settings
9) Type "TRY EMAIL" to verify the program can send to your address the email with screen shot attached
IMPORTANT: to delete the file when it is used press "ctrl h" to terminate the program, after ctrl h you can delete the program.

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