K-Meleon 1.1

K-meleon is a freeware web browser for windows operating systems
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K-meleon is a freeware web browser for windows operating systems. The software is very easy to use, fast in its performance and customizable. The program is based in the same layout engine of Mozilla.

It is able to use the existing Internet explorer Favorites, Netscape bookmarks and others. The programs provide also complete managing of the menus and the hotkeys and others. Like other web browsers based on the mozilla code it is very fast to load websites, but with its additional loader makes it even faster.

The program like mozilla and other programs support extension in order to increase it functionality and flexibility. It provides options to manage profiles, advanced configurations of the code. The menu is totally different from the one that we are accustoming to see in other browsers.

The browser is very lightweight and provides an excellent configuration for the settings of the browser. But there still being a lack in some of the options of the software, these options could be improved, reason why it is not the best option of the browsers based in the mozilla code, but its multiple configurations and options made it a good one.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Easy to use.
  • Support IE Favorites and NS bookmarks.
  • Good Performance.
  • Good RSS Reader


  • No OK/Cancel options in the advance preferences.
  • It doesn’t display if you want to set the browser as the default one
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