jBinClock is a free java program that displays the time on your desktop
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jBinClock is a free java program that displays the time on your desktop.
By using a matrix of LEDs, the time will be shown in binary mode. So, the users will see points of light, not numbers.

The Binary Clock uses binary (base 2) numbers, 1s and 0s. As there are only two digits, we can use an "On" LED to represent a 1 and an "Off" LED to represent a 0. Then, to know what time is it, you will just need to convert the displayed binary value to decimal. The clocks has three sections (Hours, Minutes, Seconds), each of them with two rows. The first row will represent the first digit, and the second one the second digit. So, the first row of the first section will have just two LEDs, as the possible values are 1 (2 elevated to 0) and 2 (2 elevated to 1). Remember, the time will be displayed in 24 hour format. Every other number has to be formed using the remaining lights. You must remember that the line at the bottom of the app represent the most low values, and that each position is a unit bigger than the one below it. It is not a very comfortable clock, but it is a challenge to train yourself to read this clock.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free.
  • Works in any Operating System


  • It is very difficult to get used to read the time
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