IsoBuster 3.6

Versatile backup and data recovery tool with support for all file systems
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IsoBuster combines two interesting functionalities in a single straightforward interface. This tool can recover any lost data in any storage media, from documents to partitions and from hard drives to discs or USB Flash drives. The list of file types supported is just as long as the list of file systems and storage devices that the program can work with, thus covering all possible situations in all possible scenarios. Besides, IsoBuster can open, create, or extract from any image file, ISO being just one of the many formats supported.

IsoBuster comes in a clear and apparently simple interface. Performing the program’s main functions is fairly straightforward and suitable for all users, though configuring the program to fit certain technical specifications that some users may have is not that simple. As soon as you click on the Options button, a new world will open in front of you. Some users will find the amount of settings provided a bit overwhelming, but the fact that they exist doesn’t make IsoBuster a more complicated tool. If you’re not an expert on file systems or on the structure of certain image file formats, you shouldn’t really worry.

Thus, opening an ISO file – or any other image file, for that matter – and extracting its content is just as simple as it sounds. Recovering lost files and data from different media is just as easy and stressless as you would expect. IsoBuster will scan the selected drive and will tell you which files can be successfully recovered in a breeze. For those files that, for whatever reason, seem to be harder to find and recover, you can benefit from the deeper scan that “Find Missing Files and Folders” provides. The technicalities involved in performing this recovery task are not for everyone – suffice it to say that the program will use all its resources and a number of high-end techniques in finding and processing all relevant data necessary to recover your files.

Even in the worst-case scenarios IsoBuster is capable of bringing back to life accidentally deleted and formatted files. Besides, it will help you create image files for you to back up your sensitive data, media files, and other important documents to avoid accidental losses in the future.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simple and straightforward main interface.
  • Supports all types of storage media and file systems, including Linux EXT file system.
  • Recovers data from all hard drives, discs, and USB drives


  • Some users may find the high number of settings and options a bit overwhelming
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