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InstantAction is a browser-based gaming community, for browser-based games
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Instant Action IE Plug In is a web browser plug developed by GarageGames for their service. InstantAction is an online community where you can play action, strategy and other games via your web browser. The system works in a similar way to Quake Live. However, this one has its advantages. In InstantAction you can play a wide variety of games, like Zap!, Ace of Aces, Lore: Aftermath, Fallen Empire: Legions, among others. This gives you the ability to switch from one game genre to another. You can either create a game or get into one. Once you selected the game you want, the browser will download the game files at the moment. The download is quick and simple and when finished, you can start playing games from your browser. The game files are cache'd so they are not downloaded into your computer in the same way as Quake Live's files. You can play on the browser's window or in full screen mode and it runs smooth and without problems. Connectivity is excellent as well. Inside the community, you can buy InstantAction credits that will help you buy avatars and other upgrades for your games. The only downside of this is that productivity will drop in offices around the world thanks to InstantAction. It is really that good.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Quick downloads.
  • Good Amount of games.
  • Innovative


  • Some weapons and aircraft in some games are not free
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