Inpaint 5.0

Inpaint lets you perform simple photo correction and restoration tasks
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Inpaint is a handy photo correction and restoration tool. Unlike most tools of this kind, which are also very complex and intricate, Inpaint is simple and lightweight.
It uses a simple yet powerful algorithm to fix and edit photos, letting you fill a selected area from the photo with textures generated from the surrounding region. This technique makes Inpaint the perfect solution to easily perform tasks such as repairing old images, getting rid of imperfections from photos, removing date stamps and unwanted objects, and more. No technical knowledge or advanced skills are required from you in order to be able to perform these tasks using this tool, as it is incredibly intuitive, simple and easy. It can perform photo correction, restoration and editing actions that would otherwise require the usage of complex graphics editors like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp.

On the other hand, the more difficult tasks that require intricate photo editing would still probably need professional graphic editing tools like the aforementioned ones. Inpaint might be very simple and easy, but it is also meant for rather simple photo modification jobs.

Another downside is in my opinion the fact that it doesn’t offer an offline help file, but only some online tutorials. Anyway, it’s an interesting tool that deserves being tried if you need to perform simple photo correction, restoration and editing tasks.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very easy-to-use and simple.
  • Neat, lightweight and resource-friendly.
  • Its price is reasonable


  • Help and tutorials are available only online.
  • Doesn't work with GIF images
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