Inpaint 4.0

Inpaint is a program that allows you to remove undesired objects from pictures
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Inpaint is a program that allows you to remove undesired objects from your pictures, quickly producing smooth and enhanced images.
The installation is easy and clean, and the interface is user-friendly. In order to remove items from the chosen image, you have to choose a “marker” (a function available in the main menu), and use it to select the undesired item. After you click the “Inpaint” button, the program will generate an intelligent texture in the area of the selected object. This piece of software extracts, and then replicates the visual structure of the surrounding area. Then it replaces the selected zone with the former. The application provides an access to several options for altering the image. One such instrument is the “Guide Line.” It permits you to draw lines between texture edges, in order to help you precisely decide, according to your intentions, and choose the appropriate visual structure you wish the program to emulate. Inpaint also lets you undo or redo your action or delete your selection.

In conclusion, even if its editing options are limited, Inpaint is easy to use and can help you quickly remove objects or other undesired elements from your images.

Gina Hoffman
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  • Easy to use.
  • Quick processing


  • Limited editing functions
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