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IndustryPlayer is a business simulation game developed by Tycoon Systems. The software is designed to model as much of real-life businesses as possible. The game uses real economic data and models in order to provide the most accurate simulation. The best thing is that the economic world you play in is also populated by other players online, so their decisions, and yours, affect everyone. In IndustryPlayer you have to manage the supply, demand, production, employee relationships, government, insurers, and banks, among other things. For each movement and change you make, you have to use a turn, so it is a mixture of a turn-based and real-time strategy game. Although the word "game" may not fully suit this program, as it is used in business schools and training programs. As such, the game has a steep learning curve so it is unavoidable you read a manual or spend the first few turns learning exactly what you have to do. This is really not a game for the casual gamers, but people interesting in learning all about running a business might be very interested in the program.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good and solid simulation with lots of competitors world-wide


  • Steep Learning Curve.
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