ImageCool Converter

ImageCool Converter

ImageCool Converter is an image converter, viewer, and editor
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ImageCool Converter is a feature-rich application that works primarily as an image converter. Besides, the program lets you view and edit images offering a wide range of possibilities for such tasks. It is able to handle multiple files at the same time and supports a total of 500 input formats.

ImageCool Converter has a friendly user interface with the main sections organized into tabs. To the left there is a tree-like navigation panel that lets you easily find the images you want to work with. The center of the screen is where images can be visualized; you have the possibility of changing the view mode —thumbnails, details—and use different zooming options. All the conversion-related tasks are in the Settings tab; there you can pick the output format of your choice and set other options regarding image size, quality, renaming, etc. It supports more than 100 output formats, including RAW and PDF. One feature I found interesting is that the conversion button is a floating image that is always on top of the screen; simply by dragging and dropping files into this button, the program can start a conversion.

The application offers numerous options to edit and make small corrections to your images too. Brightness-contrast, color balance, saturation, rotation, red-eye correction, are some of the effects you can play with to retouch your pictures.

All in all, ImageCool Converter is a comprehensive image converter whose most salient feature is its great format support and batch conversion capability. The conversion process is easy to carry out and besides, it works as an image viewer and editor.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Great format support.
  • Can batch process images.
  • Lots of editing options and effects.
  • Compatible with Windows 8


  • No option to hide the floating conversion button
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