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Image for Windows

Affordable and reliable drive image backup and restore solution
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Backing up your data means creating security copies of the information, with the idea of being able to restore the original data in case of an eventual data loss. Windows operating system has an integrated backup utility that can perform this function. Nevertheless, many software developers are offering their own backup tools. Why is that so? Apparently, they have been trying to fill those functionality gaps in Windows with software that can do more than just making a copy of the whole system.
Image for Windows is one of those applications. The user interface is very easy to use as it has the form of a wizard that leads you step by step through the process. Just as Windows backup, this utility offers both sides of the same process: backing up your data and restoring information from previous copies. However, since the backup process is rather slow and implies copying large amounts of information, you can choose to back up only the recent changes. This greatly reduces the backup time. Similarly, you can also validate a backup by performing an internal consistency check on the file. In addition, you can clone a partition or a drive to another location. Another interesting functionality is the capacity to create the virtual drives. Although not recommended for the inexpert user, this software will allow you to change its default settings.
The trial version of this software is fully functional. It only imposes restriction as to the time you have to wait for the main window to activate.

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  • It makes differential copies.
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