Image Converter Plus

Image Converter Plus

Image Converter Plus for converting images to different picture file formats
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Image Converter Plus is a powerful application for professional and personal use for converting the image format for image files, photographies, scanned documents, and any usual image format.
Once the application is installed, its operation can be launched from any context menu. User can right click on an image file, and the context menu offers the possibility of converting the image file format by means of starting Image Converter Plus.

The application not only converts the image format and save it as a new file. Also offers the user the resize facility, even preserving the original proportion. The resizer can set the new image size to the necessary values for the user to fit the desired scale. Application will perform instantaneously all the calculation and convert the image to the new size, according to the new especified pixels.

The user can create thumbnails from selected images, rotate images, crop images, replcace colors, make mirror effect on images, set the color profile, set a watermark on images, etc.

Thumbnails are used more and more everyday for sending images to cell phones, forums, set image galleries, sell on the Internet, etc. This is accomplished by the application by means of the resizing tool.

Scanned documents, converted in images and resized are very useful for email or spread through the web

Ignacio Solves
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