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ifunBox can back up almost anything from your i-device
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Every Apple-made device is locked to make sure the user only uses iTunes to manage content on it. This can be very annoying for multiple reasons: if the user doesn't like iTunes, it doesn't matter. He must use iTunes to manage his content. There are also issues with your music library: every i-device can only be synchronized with one computer at a time. It means you can't plug you iPod in your friend's computer and add his music with iTunes: it'll ask you to delete the whole contents first. If your computer had a problem erasing your whole library of music, you won't be able to recover it from the device with iTunes.

This software aims to complete iTunes without replacing it: in fact, you even need iTunes or the program won't work at all. IfunBox can back up almost anything from your i-device: applications, contacts, calendar, sms, calls, music, and videos. It's always a good idea to have a backup of your contacts: if you lose your data, you'll be happy to have a backup of them. This software can work almost entirely without your device being jailbroken: you can back up and restore anything but unsigned apps; this means that you can back up your apps that you bought on the App Store but you can't back up or install unsigned apps (which could useful for developers). So if you want more control over your i-device, you'll need to jailbreak your device and install afc2add available on Cydia and appsync that you can find in Google.

Bottom line: this software is a must-have for every owner of Apple mobile devices: if your computer has a problem one day preventing you from accessing your data, this app will cover you.

John Static
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  • Works without jailbreaking.
  • Many features.
  • Can backup almost everything and restore it.
  • With Fast-App-in activated, apps will be restored very quickly.
  • Really free, no premium features.
  • Great choice of languages


  • Music backup doesn't work very well.
  • Requires iTunes
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