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idoo Video Editor Pro 3.0

Multi-tool application to cut, trim, split, merge, and enhance your video files
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idoo Video Editor Pro has brought together under one attractive menu all the editing tools made available by idooVideo over the years. This application includes sophisticated cutting, cropping, and splitting utilities complemented by watermarking, conversion, and merging capabilities, together with artistic video effects and filters suitable for all the most popular video codecs.

The program’s initial menu depicts a clear Windows-8 look and feel, with colorful large icons distributed in three irregular sections. The central section has been devoted to all the cutting-related tools included in the program – namely, an Easy Cutter, a Batch Cutter, and an Advanced Cutter. The two remaining offer a mixture of other editing tools that certainly add value to idoo Video Editor Pro. Thus, you will find a cropper, a joiner, a rotator, and a splitter, as well as effects, watermark, and subtitles editors. Some of these tools are good for both video and audio files, such as the Easy Cutter, the Joiner, and the Splitter. Others will allow you not only to perform the task they have been designed for but also to convert the video files selected into any of the other formats supported. Finally, some of these tools open a single-task interface while others will give you access to some of the other functions present in the main menu.

All of the tools featured on idoo Video Editor Pro share the same gusto for accuracy, especially those dealing with cutting and splitting video files. Times are measured down to the millisecond, and sliders are usually combined with numeric values to provide the right mixture of easiness of use and precision that these tasks require.

As in a video editing tool I find the number of video enhancing features (namely a handful of video effects and some sliders to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation values) are just a minority among the plethora of splitting, cutting, slicing, and cropping tools provided. It somehow makes you feel that you are using a comprehensive cutting tool with some added functionality instead of the “pro video editor” that this application claims to be. However, this does not detract a whit from the high level of quality of the functionality provided by this multi-tool application.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Support for all the most widely used video file formats.
  • Can be used as a powerful video converter.
  • Offers you various cutting, splitting, and cropping tools to customize your videos.
  • Attractive and intuitive interfaces


  • Unbalanced combination of editing tools
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