Hugin 2011.4

Hugin is a utility designed for creating photo mosaics and panoramic images
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Hugin is a utility designed for creating photo mosaics and panoramic images.
The user interface offers nine different tabs to work in, each for focusing on a different aspect of the end result. The lens type can be chosen (e.g., circular fisheye, equirectangular, stereographic), masks can be added and pictures will be assembled by selecting control points. These control points help the user to align and blend the selected images together, so that a larger picture is obtained. By overlapping and aligning pictures, a panoramic image will be then obtained. The preview window gives the user the possibility to evaluate the created panorama and decide on making further modifications. If needed, the loaded pictures can be cropped. Before stitching the images together, the projection type can be selected, which can be, for example, cylindrical, sinusoidal, architectural, fisheye or triplane.
The program will be installed along with the Batch processor and the Calibrate Lens GUI utility.
Hugin may not be a utility that is extremely easy and intuitive to work with, but once the program is mastered, the results can be quite impressive. Panoramic pictures can be created with its help, by stitching several images together, while different settings are adjusted for them and the end result.

Margie Smeer
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  • The panoramic images that are obtained can be quite impressive.
  • Several projection types can be chosen out of for the output


  • It may seem rather difficult to master the utility
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