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Hotspot Shield is a VPN application with tools for privacy protection
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Hotspot Shield is a VPN tool that can be invaluable in today's world where the Internet is both restrictive and dangerously unsafe. This application will help you protect your privacy while surfing the Web and provide several handy features that will make using the Internet a bit easier.

Hotspot Shield has an interface that is so simple it can even be called primitive by some users. The main window is all about bright colors and only a couple of interaction icons for settings and menus. The most prominent feature there is the status bar showing if you are connected and whether or not the program is activated.

Once turned on and connected, Hotspot Shield provides several features that can help you protect your browsing session. First, it can shield your IP address and make the session anonymous. Second, these are options to secure personal data by HTTP encryption. Then you can use it to bypass censorship on the Web or access restricted sites, such as geographically inaccessible or blocked for some reason (these include YouTube, Facebook, etc). The program even has some basic anti-malware features, but I wouldn't advice turning off your antivirus in favor of it. This little thing can block basic spam and access to some of the most malicious sites, but nothing extraordinary. But there's one special feature I liked more than the others. It's the ability to use data compression to increase download volumes with the same bandwidth.

All in all, Hotspot Shield is very nice. It's simple, but effective and lets you have some options for protections. As far as VPN applications go, this is one of the best I've used.

James Lynch
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  • Easy to use.
  • Personal data protection.
  • Basic anti-malware protection


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