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Hornil StylePix

Hornil StylePix is a lightweight and professional image editing software
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Hornil StylePix is a free utility that allows you to draw pictures or edit your favorite photos. It was created for users with medium photo editing skills. Thanks to the intuitive interface, users can easily learn how to use it. It offers fast access to the toolboxes and it’s easy to configure. The Hornil team designed StylePix to run on low resource computers such as laptops or virtual machines. You are also able to run a portable version of StylePix from an USB flash drive.

Among its many features, Hornil StylePix comes with a built-in photo viewer and an image browser that allows you to easily manage photos. You can use the MDI (Multiple Document Interface) container and the canvas tab in order to work with multiple files at the same time. The application allows you to preview the photos in full-screen or thumbnail mode. It also provides handy analytical tools such as histogram view, waveform view and many measure tools.

StylePix allows you to work with layers in order to separate different objects of the canvas. This feature is similar to the one that made Photoshop famous. The application also supports object grouping. In addition, an object can also contain other objects that can be easily managed using the hierarchy feature. Layers can be blended into each other and you are able to choose from 21 blending types. “Layer masks” and “quick mask mode” are only available in the "Pro" version of StylePix.

You are able to perform image selections using various selection tools such as “auto region” and “color range”, “rectangular” region and “circular” region tools. The StylePix application also integrates a great variety of filters with live preview. Users have an access to many text altering methods and photo enhancing tools.

Available in 53 languages, the Hornil StylePix program has all the features to make it a smart photo editing tool and you don't have to be a professional in order to use it.

Margie Smeer
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