Hitware Popup Killer Lite

Hitware Popup Killer Lite

This program kills unexpected pop-ups while navigating on the Internet
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Like its name reads, Pop-up Killer Lite kills unexpected pop-ups while navigating on the Internet. For a few times those may appear mere advertisements, but on some occasions they are adware - anyways, they are annoying and steal a user’s bandwidth, or even lock the browser. So this lite program will ensure the user against this, and best of all it runs quietly in the system tray.

The user has options to control the functionality of Pop-up Killer Lite: such as to be notified when blocking pop-ups or not, what websites are allowed to perform popups and some other settings. When we avoid downloading the contents of a popup window, our bandwidth is not consumed.

Additionally this program creates a black list, so it learns what websites to block, as opposed to the white list that allows popups from safe sites. This way it saves the internet bandwidth by eliminating popup windows before they even have a chance to appear.

This application is Free, has free updates and supports Internet Explorer 5.x and higher for all Windows operating systems.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Save bandwidth.
  • Block adware


  • Only for Windows.
  • Only for Internet Explorer
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