This program creates a 3D simulation of a solar system
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Gravitation3D is a very interesting program that is both fun and educational (a great combination). It simulates gravity and movement of a planetary/solar system. After you define the properties of each celestial object, you can start the simulation. The program calculates, in real-time, the velocity and acceleration vectors for every object and displays a very smooth animation. Besides the ability to customize your planets and suns, you can also change some of the visual settings. One interesting feature is a mesh that can be displayed and tweaked to show you how each object warps the space-time continuum.

This is an exceptional piece of software. Consider that it started out as a personal project. The developer realized later that it could benefit other people so he made it available to the public. The application looks professional and everything runs smoothly. The scientifically inclined or the curious will probably love this program. If you do not understand how gravity really works and what effects it has, with the help of this tool, you will gain some insight. Every situation and animation teaches you something. With a bit of luck or a bit of genius, beautifully complex trajectories and visuals can result.

The program is free to try and all its features are unlocked. The only “limitation” is a huge text that appears in the center of the window, stating that the program you are using is a demo version. To buy a license, all you need to do is make a donation to the developer (of any amount you desire).

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Fun.
  • Educative.
  • All features unlocked in free version.
  • A lot of settings to be customized.
  • Smooth animation


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