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A GPS enabled version of the popular Earth browsing software from Google
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GoogleEarth is a free application that is much more than a virtual atlas: it is bundle of maps and satellite photos that, combined with the power of the famous search engine (Google), you allows you to virtually travel around the globe and visit every corner of earth with absolute freedom.

Google also released paid version of its software, Google Pro and Google Plus, lets talk about the latest.

Google Earth Plus ($20 a year) offers email support, better annotation tools for maps and its most interesting feature, integration with GPS devices (Garmin or Magellan) which lets you know in the virtual earth were are you located. All these features are unlocked within the free version, purchasing a yearly subscription and using your google account.

Google Earth Plus is a version useful for those who make heavy use of maps and GPS, but does not have the power of the professional version.

One click is enough to begin your trip with Google Earth: start your flight, you raise porencima of clouds and traveling from one end to another planet in in a few seconds, then descend gently on your destination to enjoy every moment of every detailed image . Now that you've arrived, and with a simple mouse movement , you can explore the city, its streets,among the most important monuments.

As expected this version includes all functions of the Free version. Including:

Observe the Earth in three dimensions and rotate the view.

View landscapes and cities in any corner of the planet, changing from one place to another or from one continent to another with a single click.

Select a specific location, closer to him, selected to observe the height and angle.

Measure the distance between points by drawing a straight line or a career.
Observe and identify types or forms of relief anywhere in the world (volcanoes, ridges, valleys, peaks, etc.). And know the accurate measurement of its height above sea level.

Change the viewing angle of a territory in order to observe it in perspective.
Knowing the coordinates of any point on Earth just by placing the mouse on the site.

Mark sites and images of interest and sharing information about them with other users.

Google Earth Plus supports Windows 2k, XP and Vista, and requires a 500mhz or higher processor, 128 Ram Memory , a VGA compatible Videocard and at least 400 MB free on Hard drive.

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