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Google Earth plug-in is one of the thousands of gadgets available for the Google Desktop Search application. But what are the gadgets anyway? The gadgets are plug-in components that enrich your Desktop experience and performs the most incredible and handy tasks that you can imagine and more.
At this point, if you’re not a user already, you might be wondering what is Google Desktop Search. Let me explain that to you and then we’ll come back to the Google Earth plug-in. This tool is developed by the people from Google, which is quite a reference of its quality, and is a desktop searching engine that allows you to perform searches within your computer as you were searching something on the Internet.
Back to the Google Earth plug-in, first thing to say is that you need to have Desktop Search 5 or above running on your system to use this gadget. On the side bar of the Desktop Search you’ll find a round button with an addition sign on it. When you press it, a gadget search window will open and you can browse the huge list to find the one you want. In this case, you can just type in “Earth” and Google Earth plug-in will be listed. Then you press the “Add” button below the gadget thumbnail and that’s it, you’re done! Easy, right? Optionally, you can download the installation file from the Google Gadgets web site and then execute it by double clicking on it. A short installation will take place and the gadget will be ready to go.
You won’t see any changes on the side bar of Desktop Search. But what does this gadget do? The two basic tasks that perform this tool are: indexing and searching content in Google Earth files, and flying to a place mark that matches your search query. This way, you get to integrate the two applications simplifying the routinely tasks. This cool plug-in is available for free.

Juan Morán
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  • It's free, enhanced search abilities, easy to use


  • Only useful for Windows Users, you need to be a Google Earth user
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