GMDesk is an application that lets you run Gmail, Google and other
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GMDesk is an Adobe AIR application that plays nice with Google. I use Google Apps a lot. And I mean it. I have my records on the spreadsheets. I finish work on the word processor. I view and retouch presentations. There is absolutely nothing that I can't do with those applications. Running those on your web browser can sometimes be a little irritating. Especially when you are running several tabs and you can't keep track of where your Google apps are. GMDesk allows you to use any of the Google services as standalone applications. If you fire GMDesk up and hit Alt plus Tab, you will be able to switch the application that you are currently looking at. Of course, those applications are still going to be able to open your files that are hosted on the web and any file on your computer. GMDesk only gives them a framework for them to run sort of locally on your computer. You need to have Adobe AIR installed for this to work. That also means that GMDesk works on any platform supported by Adobe AIR.

José Fernández
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  • Gives you total, local control over the Google services.
  • Multi-platform support.


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