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Glary Utilities is a set of 40 tools that keeps a fast and optimized system
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Glary Utilities is a set of about 40 maintenance tools that allows you to keep a fast and optimized system all the time. The program’s aim is to correct problems – especially registry-related problems – that bring slowness, instability, and crashes to your PC. Once Glary Utilities solves those problems, your PC will run faster and will be more stable, once again.

The program offers an elegant user interface which gives you access through three tabs to all the functions and tools offered. The first tab is labeled "Overview", and it basically shows you the current boot time of your system. You can run the "Startup Manager" tool to know the startup programs that might be slowing down your system's boot process, and you can disable any number of them.

Next is the "1-Click Maintenance" tab. As its name suggests, it allows you to execute several maintenance tasks by simply clicking on a button. You can select which tasks you want to be executed, among options like "Registry Cleaner", "Spyware Remover", "Disk Repair", "Temporary Files Cleaner", and others. Finally, the last tab reads "Advanced Tools", and offers you shortcuts to 38 additional maintenance tools, grouped by categories, that you can run individually. Examples of these tools are "Repair", "Defragment", and "Backup" under the "Windows Registry" category; "Cleanup", "Remove Duplicates", and "Explore Disks" under the "Disk Space" category, and "Erase History", "Shred Files", and "Encrypt Files" under the "Privacy" category. Besides, the program includes an always-visible toolbar at the bottom side of the window that offers you instant access to 11 of the most-used maintenance tools.

To sum up, Glary Utilities is a very comprehensive set of tools that allow you to keep an optimal and healthy system, avoiding errors and crashes. Unfortunately, some of the functions offered will not work unless you upgrade to the Pro version of the program, whose price is $27.96.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Nice user interface.
  • Very comprehensive app, with about 40 maintenance tools.
  • Helps you get rid of serious PC problems, such as slowness, instability, and crashes.
  • Offers you instant access to some of the most-used tools


  • Some of the functions offered will not work in the free edition of the program
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