GiliSoft Video Editor

GiliSoft Video Editor

Easy-to-use video editor suitable for inexperienced users
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More than a single application, Gilisoft Video Editor is actually a suite of various tools. This software is intended mostly for inexpert users. However, it can also be used by others who prefer to keep things simple instead of embarking on using more sophisticated (and probably more expensive) editors.

The program has sort of a launch panel in the style of Windows tiles, from which it is easy to select the tool that best matches your purposes. This way, you can perform such actions as cropping the frames, cutting segments as well as adding watermarks, subtitles and background sound. Likewise, the application can be used to join various clips, split a video into multiple segments and rotate the image.

Good news is that it supports an amazingly long list of video formats. So, you can use it to transcode video as well. Sadly, it allows importing video only from files; therefore, you cannot edit video directly from other sources, such as cameras, Internet downloads and discs.

Although the main advantage of this program is usability, this also involves several inconveniences. For instance, it does not support creating a video from scratch, as in the case of a video slideshow. Likewise, it does not allow working with timelines, tracks and layers. Finally, the program is not suitable for complex editing that involves a combination of various actions.

In general, Gilisoft Video Editor is excellent for uncomplicated video editing tasks. Consequently, I recommend it as the best choice for inexpert users.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It allows multiple tasks, such as cropping, cutting, adding effects and merging.
  • It supports multiple video formats.
  • It can be used to convert between formats.
  • It is appropriate for inexperienced users


  • It does not allow working with timelines, tracks and layers.
  • It does not support creating a clip from scratch.
  • It is not suitable for complex editing
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