G3C is a program developed for teaching guitar chords to the user
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Guitar Chords Crash Course is a program developed for teaching guitar chords to the user. Popularly abbreviated as G3C, the application caters to the needs of a wide range of users ranging from the amateurs down to professors of the guitar. The software displays chords and scales from the chord-files, featuring over a thousand chords, 48 scales and 13 tunings. What’s more, all these chord-files are editable and the user can modify the chords as per requirements, and display the modified ones as well.

G3C has other smart features including a left-handed option and the ability to turn the fret-board upside down, a guitar tuner and editable tunings with the help of which, the user can have his/her own favorite guitar tuning and make the application to play the chords in that tuning. It also has a Tab search option which helps the user to find a tab if he/she doesn’t know the name. Moreover, the user can also print the whole chord-file in a list or make a list of chords and print them graphically. Additionally, the application also features a drum machine, which adds fun to play guitar with drums in the background. It has the option of creating and editing own drum patterns as well.

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  • Caters to needs of amateurs as well as experts


  • It’s more of a crash course than a tutorial program
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