FreezbGames Toolbar

FreezbGames Toolbar

Free browser toolbar for online gaming aficionados

The Freezbgames toolbar is an easy to install browser add-on that has many features apart from the primary function of providing a direct link to the freezb games home page. This browser add-on also provides link icons to many popular free online games.
As a browser utility tool, it also has all basic and customary features like - search bar, email notifier, facebook connectivity icon, music player, etc. An easy-to-use settings configuration allows the users to "hide" or "display" their preferred links on the toolbar. The toolbar also links to an online repository of several hundred add-ons, which the users can select for their individual browser customization.
Online game aficionados will find this toolbar very useful because of the abundance of links to free online games. The games open in an additional window - over the browser window - and can sometimes be slow, which can hinder the gaming experience. Users can open multiple games at a time via the toolbar and also through the Freezb games home page. The toolbar is compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.

Arun Kumar
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  • Easy to install.
  • Provides instant access to many popular online games.
  • Additional functionality like email, FB and search bar


  • Games load slowly and overlap each other as separate windows.
  • Too many advertisements on games that are opened
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