FreeView Sound

FreeView Sound

It turns a PC into a data logger, a chart recorder and spectrum analyzer
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Nearly all of today's PCs and notebooks are equipped with an additional or on-board sound card. Now it can be turned into a 2 channel audio measurement system. Because with Ines FreeVIEW Sound, not only is the driver included, but so is the analyzing software!

The 32 bit sound card driver and the accompanying FreeVIEW application software turns a PC or notebook into a long-time data logger, a chart recorder, a storage oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and much more.

The free of charge version of the sound card driver called "FreeVIEW sound" can be used for recording with sample rates up to 48kHz per channel. One or both input channels of the sound card can be used.

Main Features :

- 32 bit driver on top of Microsoft® Windows® multimedia API.
- The driver uses an additional FIFO buffer for intermediate storage. Sampled data can be retrieved in arbitrary length. The synchronous data capture is decoupled from block-like data processing. No data gets lost! This is a significant enhancement over the double buffer principle enforced by the original multimedia interface.
- Scaled data is returned in volts unit.
- Simple programming interface using only a few functions open(), close(), read(), write() and ioctl().
- Full error handling.
- Shares the features, the interfaces, the style and the experience of Ines data acquisition card drivers.

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