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Free Any Data Recovery is a data recovery application
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Let me start by going straight to what bothers me the most about this tool: it’s not free. Don’t let the word “free” from its name give you the idea that this tool might actually be a free data recovery tool, because it is not.

Only the first screen of Free Any Data Recovery’s interface doesn’t feature any “Register” or “Purchase” button, but once you pass this first step, the truth is revealed. After the scanning for recoverable files is done and you attempt to actually recover any files, a pop-up window asking you to purchase and register the tool is displayed. There’s also a “Free Trial” button there that does absolutely nothing.

By registering this tool you obtain a totally different application, called Amazing Any Data Recovery, which isn’t cheap. Free Any Data Recovery seems to be either a promotional tool meant to make people find out about the other data recovery software which they may also purchase, or a free tool that can only help you view some recoverable data without actual recovery. Cutting long story short, my advice is to stay away from this tool, especially since there are plenty of other more credible data recovery tools on the market anyway.

Margie Smeer
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  • The interface looks all right.
  • The scanning speed is decent.
  • Allows selecting different file types


  • It is not free - it doesn't allow actually recovering any file
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