Fort Zombie

Fort Zombie

Players take control of a particular building in town
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Targeted directly at the after-work gamer, with gameplay similar to Dungeon Master meets Fallout, players take control of a particular building in town, and begin gathering the supplies and survivors needed to build it up by day and help defend it by night.

Main features:
- Choose one of three buildings – the school, the prison, and the police station – as your Fort Zombie, each one with its own strengths and weaknesses!
- Real time movement and combat keep the tensions level high while trying to achieve objectives before your characters run out of ammunition, food, or luck!
- Dozens of zombies, some with special abilities derived from their half-remembered lives before becoming undead!
- Piety, Indiana, a variable 3D town, created using Kerberos’ mix-and-match tile system, for maximum replayability. PhysX® engine adds to the mayhem!
- Dozens of town locations to search (stores, restaurants, gas stations, ruins, homes) and countless items to find and use in building up The Fort or building up your group characters (food, fuel, generators, tools, guns, etc.)
- “Collectible” NPC survivor-families give players surprising new abilities, but you have to find them all first!

- Operating system: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7
- Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 6600 or equivalent
- Memory: 2GB of RAM
- Hard disk space: 1GB free hard drive space
- Video: DirectX 9.0c SM2 compliant graphics card with 512M of RAM minimum.
- Sound: DirectX-compatible
- DirectX®:9.0c

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