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FlashPeak Slimjet is a fast and secure web browser based on Chrome
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FlashPeak Slimjet is based on Chrome, which means that in many respects it inherits those features that have made a large number of Internet users prefer Google’s browser. Its interface can be skinned with other downloadable themes and the toolbars customized to your preferences. However, I still prefer Chrome´s interface, which, in my opinion, is a lot neater.

There are two crucial things that people look for in a browser: speed and security. In this respect, FlashPeak Slimjet is undeniably fast and secure. However, it is difficult to prove that it´s really faster than other browsers, which apparently is also influenced by a lot of other aspects, such as system configuration. In terms of security, it must be said that it allows disabling WebRTC to reduce possible security breaches.

One of the advantages of this browser is that many of those features that would normally require installing extensions are already integrated. This is supposed to contribute to a better usage of system resources. In this respect, FlashPeak Slimjet can block undesired advertisement, integrate with social networks and compress your photos before they are uploaded. It also has Turbocharged download manager, which is more convenient than the default downloaders in Chrome and Mozilla, as it allows resuming downloads between sessions. In contrast to Google Chrome, which uses the system´s default configuration, FlashPeak Slimjet lets you configure a list of proxy servers and switch from one to another with relative ease.

Moreover, this browser allows capturing the whole page or just a region and save it in picture format. In addition, you can save a webpage directly in PDF format. Not only that, it can also record video from the current tab but requires downloading an extension called Screencastify. By the way, this browser supports practically all Chrome-compatible extensions so a lot of more features can be added.

All in all, claiming FlashPeak Slimjet is better than other browsers, particularly Chrome, isn´t justified, as there are not enough evidences to support that. However, it isn’t worse either. As it seems, users will continue to side with one browser or the other; therefore, choosing “your” browser largely depends on your preferences. As the bottom line, FlashPeak Slimjet may well deserve a try.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It has a tabbed interface.
  • It integrates many features.
  • It supports Chrome´s extensions.
  • It allows saving a page in PDF format.
  • It has a built-in download manager.
  • It is fast and secure.
  • It lets you capture the screen in picture format.
  • It supports configuring multiple proxies


  • The interface may be not as neat as that of Google Chrome
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