File Reconstructor

File Reconstructor

File Reconstructor rescues and re-instates previously deleted files
2.6 (See all)

File Reconstructor 2.6 is a software recovery program supporting a wide range of media storage devices that offers users a way to rescue and re-instate previously deleted files.
This recovery program benefits its users by recovering any files that may have been deleted accidentally by giving the wrong keyboard commands such as move and cut, at the DOS command prompt, or files that have been deleted by viruses. File Reconstructor 2.6 will also recover files that users have emptied from their Window’s Recycle Bin having deleted them by mistake or that have been deleted in other applications, thus benefiting users by solving the problem of lost files.

This program is small enough to be installed on Zip Drives, Jaz Drives, Flash Drives, Floppy Discs, USB hard drives, even camera cards such as SD/MMD cards and many more. It can recover files from those devices that users thought were long gone. File Reconstructor 2.6 features support of Unicode and non-alphabet languages and works on all Windows’ operating systems. The program performs non-destructive and read only scan file recovery and can restore original create and modified file dates to recovered files. It can display file names, dates, type, size and more and features filtering by name. File Reconstructor 2.6 works even on files deleted before the program was installed.

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  • Can be installed on storage media devices.


  • Bundled with unwanted tool bars
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